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By Rose Arizmendi

Echinacea is good to have around for colds, flu and infections. The herb is excellent for strengthening the immune system and is well know throughout Europe for its immunological properties. Echinacea is easily cultivated and makes a wonderful garden p erennial.

This herb is a basic blood builder and has been used in blood related diseases such as extreme infection, boils, gangrene, and lymph gland infections.

When taking Echinacea in tea form, drink this three to four times daily. If taking Echinacea capsules, take two capsules, three times daily. Being one of the most powerful effective remedies against all kinds of bacterial, viral infections and inflamma tions, Echinacea can be taken in large doses because it is not toxic.

To take full advantage of this herbs immune-enhancing effects, take it for five days, and stay off for two days and repeat cycle. It has been found that after taking Echinacea continuously for longer than 10 or 15 days, its effectiveness lessens. It is such a valuable herb, in fact, I always have plenty of Echinacea on hand for first aid and emergencies. I take this herb externally and internally by making salves, washes, tinctures, capsules and poultices.

A little History

Rose Arizmendi is a Diet Counselor with a background in herbalism and aromatheraphy, emphasizing the holistic approach for better health maintenance.
The information presented in this article does not intent to treat, diagnose or prescribe; and therefore does not take responsibility for your experience using this system.

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