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Eating for Health

By Edward Bauman, c.Ph.D.

What would it look like if we began to Eat for Health? First, it would not be homogenous. Humankind is too ethnically diverse to eat alike. Tastes and temperaments differ, as do constitutions and health conditions. Generally, however, the basis of the food plan would be plant foods that were fresh, diverse, chemical-free, seasonal, and balanced to address individual need. Low fat, organic dairy and range fed animal food would be eaten occasionally rather than daily, if well tolerated.

Let's conduct an informal survey. Please respond to the following question. Why do you choose the foods you eat, day in and day out? Rate the following reasons from 1-5 (5 is the highest consideration).

Column AColumn B
Tastes goodNaturally satisfying
Quick & easyWholesome, chemical-free
AffordableHigh nutritional value
Quick energySustained energy
Cultural conditioningConscious choice
I'm addicted to itHealth promoting

RATING: If you had higher scores from Column A than Column B, then you are eating more for pleasure (or out of stress) than for health. Are we ready to take a clear look at why we are eating poorly, and what it would take to change that for good ?

It is finally acknowledged in the medical and scientific community that diet is a significant and primary factor in determining a person's health and longevity (or lack of it). For many of us, illness and discomfort is the only thing that captures our attention sufficiently to force us to change our diet and lifestyle. Force is not an effective means of sustaining change, and thus, resistance is inevitable, and often insurmountable.

I believe that given the crisis in our world today, it is incumbent upon us all to consider the necessity of beginning a more responsible pattern of food consumption.

Eating for Health is a process, not a system; it should adapt to your needs sensibly. Food toxins (refined and stimulant foods) become less addictive, and allergens less reactive, once you learn to eat well. Consult a competent professional to address your specific questions & issues.

Edward Bauman is the director of Partners in Health, a wholistic health center in Cotati, Calif., USA, which offers innovative clinical, educational, and self-help program for those recovering from chronic illness and addiction. He is also the developer o f the Nutritional Consultant Training Program, a certificated course approved in over 30 states of US.

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